“Drexel is a powerful engine for neighborhood improvement and regional economic growth, 努力成为全国公民参与最多的大学.”


皇冠买球登陆官网雇佣了10多名员工,000名教师和专业人员, 使其成为费城十大雇主之一. 的 University pays more than $350 million in wages to employees from the tri-state region each year.

皇冠买球登陆官网的员工每年支付17美元.500万的工资税交给费城. Wage taxes are a major funding source for the city, providing nearly half of the city’s revenue.



Drexel was named the most innovative mid-sized research university in the country in 2020 in a report by the George W. 布什研究所和Opus Faveo创新发展. 研究 at Drexel generates more than $123 million in annual expenditures for sponsored projects and thousands of scholarly and creative works. 迄今为止,该大学已经产生了100多项发明,以及超过44项美国发明.S. patents and Drexel ranked 51st in the National Academy of Inventors and Intellectual Property Owners Association’s list of the world’s top 100 universities for patents granted in the country in 2018.


Drexel is committed to providing full-tuition scholarships for low-income students from Philadelphia and supporting Philadelphia students in grades pre-K through 12.



Drexel has invested almost $90 million over the past decade in the Liberty Scholars program, 这有助于 来自历史上代表性不足的背景的学生 免费上皇冠买球登陆官网 with a renewable scholarship award that covers 100 percent of their tuition and fees. 的se scholarships are offered to 65 new students from across the nation each year at a cost of $13 million.


请听皇冠买球登陆官网多元化项目主任的讲话 & 社区 Relations Bernetta McCall-Millonde and discover what makes the 自由皇冠买球app计划 so impactful for the recent high school graduates admitted to the program each year. 这是牛津大学致力于社会公正和人人享有大学教育的一部分, the 自由皇冠买球app计划 enrolls 65 students from across the nation with demonstrated financial need who are also historically underrepresented or first-generation college students.


Drexel raised close to $42 million for a new K-8 school building on the former University City High School site in West Philadelphia that houses students from 塞缪尔·鲍威尔小学和科学领导学院中学. Both schools continue to be owned and operated by the School District of Philadelphia.



In collaboration with the city of Philadelphia and the School District, Drexel secured a 3000万美元.S. 教育部承诺社区补助金 in 2016. 的 five-year grant provides $6 million annually to support seven neighborhood schools in the 承诺区.


皇冠买球登陆官网还筹集了近800万美元 西费城早期学习行动(AFEL)倡议, a collaboration led by Drexel with local educational and social services agencies and community stakeholders to support early childhood education for children and their families in the 19104 zip code.

早教行动是一个多组织倡议, 由皇冠买球登陆官网领导, to improve the quality of early education for children who live and go to school in the West Philadelphia 承诺区.


Drexel upholds its civic responsibility and accountability by maintaining deep partnerships with local organizations and through dedicated financial resources and volunteerism.

Drexel contributes $2 million annually to community organizations that provide safety, 街景画, 业务发展, 社区清理, 以及其他服务. 其中包括 大学城区, 企业中心(TEC), 兰开斯特大道21世纪商业协会(LA21),以及 斯古基尔河开发公司(SRDC).

皇冠买球登陆官网的 斯蒂芬和桑德拉·谢勒11街家庭健康服务中心 提供行为健康, 牙科, and physical therapy and other health services to low-income families and residents of public housing. 健康 care professionals provide more than $1 million in uncompensated care for uninsured or underinsured Philadelphia residents.

多恩西夫社区合作中心 is a community-based resource center for West Philadelphia residents and partner organizations. 皇冠买球登陆官网直接投资于员工和编程, 吸引私人投资, and works closely with an advisory board of community members to direct programs and services that best meet the needs of residents. 的 community center was established in 2012 with a gift of $10 million from alumna Dana (’83) and David Dornsife. 多恩西夫中心主持社区发展项目和 皇冠买球登陆官网的机构经济包容计划 that create a bridge between local needs and ambitions and 皇冠买球登陆官网的 sphere of influence with its suppliers and business partners, 教师, 工作人员, 和学生.



Drexel prioritizes local purchasing and small business support for Philadelphia-based businesses, 在2019财年,皇冠买球登陆官网为这项工作提供了9500万美元. Drexel committed $35 million of its total spending to a variety of diverse businesses.

皇冠买球登陆官网供应商纳入计划 is a University initiative to support and promote the growth and development of small minority-, 女人- - - - - -, 经验丰富,, 以及LGBTQ+拥有的企业. 该项目利用战略向更多当地企业开放供应链, 提供学习如何获得机构合同的机会, 并为社区组织提供鼓励商业成功的方法.



New 学术 and commercial building projects create local jobs and business opportunities for residents.

皇冠买球登陆官网 has completed roughly $600 million in third-party real estate development since 2010. 2017年,Drexel和开发商 白兰地酒房地产信托公司 斯古基尔庭院项目破土动工,耗资3美元.50亿年, 14英亩的开发项目将包括商业实验室和住宅, 零售, 办公室, 学术, 还有绿色空间.

城市广场正在进行的还有 韦克斯福德科技学院 一个新的学术塔,将容纳 皇冠买球登陆官网护理和卫生专业学院 以及一些部门的 医学院. Local workforce and contracting opportunities are included in all of these initiatives.